Spiritual trip to India –  Yoga and Ayurveda

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Dates: 18th October to 1st November (15 days).
Destination : South India ( Varkala, Kerala).

Option A – Twin room accommodation, daily yoga class.
Option B – Twin room accommodation, 3 Ayurvedic meals, daily yoga class, Ayurvedic detox program.
Option C – Twin room accommodation, daily yoga class, certified yoga course.
Option BC – All activities of  Option B + C.

Detailed program :
18th October – Departure to South India. Arrival at Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) airport. Hotel transfer included.
19th October – Group reunion at 18.00hrs
20th to 31st October – We start the day at 7.30 with meditation and a yoga class. Morning practice will last for 120 minutes. Ayurvedic treatments / therapies will take place after breakfast and will last for 90 minutes. Lectures for the yoga certification course run from 17.00 to 19.00 hrs. There will be plenty of free time for leisure activities, enjoying the swimming pool, going to the beach, massage, walks, excursions, shopping, etc. There will be two ayurveda workshops with Dr.Divya for options B,C and BC. Half-day excursions available (optional).
1st November – Transfer to Trivandrum International Airport. International flight home. Arrival at destination on the same day, 1st November (Sunday).

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Where is Varkala?
Situated in the State of Kerala, Varkala is a small and charming town in South India. Located on a cliff overlooking the beach and the Arabian Sea it has great infrastructure for holidays and retreats. There are plenty of restaurants serving Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Western fare. You can find mini markets, local art and crafts shops, Ayurvedic clinics, yoga schools, traditional Indian dance shows, temples and ashrams. Taxis are available at all times and internet is free everywhere. Phone shops for international calls and exchange bureaux can also be found on the high street. Varkala has a very interesting cultural mix and a warm temperature throughout the year. Monsoon time is between May and August.

Details of the Ayurvedic Detox Program

What is Ayurvedic medicine?
Indian traditional medicine is recognized by the WHO – Worldwide Health Organization. It is more than 4.000 years old. It uses natural methods such as phytotherapy (plant-based natural medicine without chemicals), diet and life-style, massage and panchakarma (detox), yoga, etc. The better known therapies are shirodhara (continuous oil pour on the forehead), abhyanga (warm medicated oil massage), induced sweat (vapor box), udvartana (special medicated powder massage) and panchakarma (five actions of body detoxification).

Who can participate in this Ayurvedic Detox Program?
Anyone can do it. In case of a specific condition or disease, this should be mentioned to the Ayurvedic doctor during the initial consultation. A personalized treatment plan will be prescribed accordingly.

How long do the daily treatments take?
Treatments are 90 minutes long and may consist of different therapies. If, under medical supervision, the participant wants to extend the treatment duration then the added cost should be taken care of. Medicine and Ayurvedic supplements that the doctor may prescribe are not included in the package.

What do the therapies consist of?
There are five main actions for the typical Ayurvedic detox case such as intestinal cleanse, nasal cleanse with medicated oil and stomach purification. The process is always done alongside internal and external medicated oil massage, continuous forehead oil pouring, induced sweating as well as many other treatment variations.

Why organizing an Ayurvedic detox program in India?
First and foremost because there aren’t many Ayurvedic clinics in Europe; there are many spas and massage centers everywhere but usually they do not provide the complete treatment. Secondly because there are not many Ayurvedic doctors outside India. A degree will take five and a half years to obtain followed by internship for clinical practice. There are no officially recognized degrees in Ayurvedic medicine in Europe. It is very difficult to obtain oils and Ayurvedic medicine in Europe – many are forbidden due to pressure by certain health lobbies. This products have been used for thousands of years. They come from nature and there is a “risk” that they may actually cure disease. Thirdly, because if done in Europe such a detox program would cost participants 3 to 4 times more, at least. Lastly, to do such an intensive program like this in an Ayurvedic resort serving Ayurvedic balanced food, with swimming pool and all amenities will allow a quick body and mind detoxification. Investing in yourself and your health is the best option. We bring you one of the best Ayurvedic detox programs worldwide that will effectively bring positive changes to your life. Yoga is by excellence the complement to Ayurvedic medicine and during the program you will be able to practice it, every day, with our certified teachers.

Introduction to Yoga certified course

The course is practical and theoretical, lasting for 42 hours. The practical component will take place in the morning lasting for 120 minutes. It will consist of meditation, postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Body and mind will progressively get used to this practices and results are seen in a few days – more flexibility, tranquility, hormonal and emotional balance, peace and happiness. The afternoon lectures run for about 120 minutes. The themes for these are the main postures (asana) of Hatha-Yoga, how to execute them, align and correct them as well as the therapeutic principles behind the practice. The main breathing techniques (pranayama) will be discussed. How to execute them, rhythm/ratio, duration, breathing phases and therapeutic advantages. Meditation (dhyana) will be explained as well as different existing types, obstacles, and important points for a good practice. Yogic sleep (yoga nidra) will also be explained at a conceptual level with technical detail for good execution. A certificate of attendance will be issued on the last day. This Introduction to Yoga course will not give participants certification to teach. For that you need at least 200 certified training hours.


Price :

Option A – 540€
Option B – 945€
Option C – 645€
Option B+C – 1345€

There will be a 20% surcharge for bookings made after 30th June 2014.

Included : Double room accommodation in air conditioning room. Yoga mat and daily 120 min yoga class. Option B includes three Ayurvedic meals, initial consultation with Ayurvedic doctor and 90 min daily therapies from the 20th – 31st October.

Not included : International flight to India, insurance, personal expenses, Ayurvedic medicine.

Booking process :
1. Buy your plane ticket. Please let us know your flight details so we can organize the transfer.
2. Carry out the payment to the Association. You will be able to do a bank transfer or use your credit card.
3. Send us an e-mail with the payment confirmation and your flight details to info@terapiasorientais.org.pt or you can ring us on  07989415068 (UK) or  +351 916383323 (Portugal).

The team :
Paulo Hayes – Certified yoga instructor E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance, Ayurvedic therapist and Yogatherapist. Certified professor. European Association of Eastern Therapies director. Law graduate.
Ana Gema – Certified yoga instructor RYT 200 Yoga Alliance. Microbiology graduate,  lived in the UK for 15 years and works for British Airways. Teaches yoga in several places.
Divya Prakash – Ayurvedic doctor. Clinical practice in the State of Kerala



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